Efficient cleaning of kitchen exhaust in commercial kitchens

With fat and smells in the kitchen exhaust we have made up!

In commercial kitchens and canteens, the use of fats and oils leads to unpleasant odors during the preparation of foodstuffs, as well as the deposition of vapors in kitchen dust hoods and the subsequent exhaust air system.

The fat separators integrated into the kitchen dust hoods – in the best case – catch up to 95% of the grease from the exhaust air stream. The remaining grease deposits in the hood body and in the exhaust air channel, accumulates and leads among other things to a high fire hazard.

Typically, the canal is difficult to access
Typically, the canal is difficult to access
Hazardous fan motor
Hazardous fan motor

The cleaning of the hood is time-consuming and labor-intensive, whereas the cleaning of the subsequent exhaust air system is often hardly practicable due to its construction.

oxylight®HD the smart way to remove grease and odors

With the oxylight®HD system, Peschl Ultraviolet offers a unique solution to this problem.

Vacuum UV lamps (VUV) for aerosol and aerosolate post-treatment in kitchen fume hoods. The lamps efficiently photolyze fat and odor molecules.

  • Complex cleaning of the exhaust hoods is no longer required, thus minimizing cleaning and service costs
  • Odor problems are easily prevented
  • The risk of hood and channel firing is significantly reduced
  • The exhaust system remains clean and is thus better protected from failure
  • Authority regulations can be met with little effort, especially if the exhaust air escapes into neighboring residential areas
  • The installation of energy-efficient heat recovery is possible – in Scandinavian countries, the installation of this technology is already a mandatory requirement.
  • Easy to operate!

Simply clean exhaust air through VUV

Vacuum UV lamps (VUV) photolyse grease and odor molecules in the exhaust air stream.
At the same time, the vacuum UV radiation from the air oxygen surrounding the lamp produces ozone. This decomposes to excited oxygen, which oxidises organics in the exhaust system and keeps the ducts clean.

Innovative technology

The powerful VUV lamps are extremely effective – even at an high ambient temperature of up to 80°C – and have a long service life of up to 10,000 operating hours *. Instead of a cassette with 4-6 low-pressure lamps, today only a single vacuum UV lamp is required.

No grease – no greasy odors – simple, safe and clean!


Professional installation

The integration of the oxylight®HD system is carried out by a trained company and includes instruction, documentation and site acceptance procedure of the system.

After correct installation and commissioning of the oxylight®HD system, it complies with DIN 18869-7, Appendix A, “Operation of UV systems for aerosol and aerosolate post-treatment” and thus the latest state of the art in the exhaust air purification of kitchen exhaust air.

The result

“Our hoods were equipped with VUV lamps three years ago. Our exhaust system did not have to be cleaned anymore.

Originally, we had decided to buy the VUV system, because the surrounding residents felt badly bothered by our kitchen smells, the supervisory office was already contacted by them.

After the commissioning of the system, the problem was directly solved – residents and also the supervisory office were satisfied.

Today, there are also occasional “protestors” among our guests – which is especially pleasing to us.

The operation of the system is easy, operation and maintenance are cheaper than the annual sewer cleaning and we have no downtime. Our operation is not far, but we had no problems in the three years, only the normal maintenance work. “

We made the right decision!

Jean-Pierre C. – Bonn

Kitchen exhaust pipe after 2 ½ years VUV operation without cleaning.
Kitchen exhaust pipe after 2 ½ years VUV operation without cleaning.

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